Weleda’s garden,

Benny Landa’s story

and the color from GMG.

More sustainability

The natural cosmetics brand Weleda shows how sustainability can be part of a brand’s makeup – and proves that success and strong values are not contradictory. For a whole year, two in-house specialists dedicated themselves exclusively to finding sustainable packaging solutions.

More knowledge

There has never been as much knowledge in the world as today – and yet we seem to know less. A dilemma that we have spoken about with Professor Dr Nils Högsdal, Vice-Rector of the Stuttgart Media University.

More freedom

Work that’s fun, in an environment that inspires and invites to communicate? Coffee bars and sofas instead of vending machines and uncomfortable stools? Coworking spaces are considered laboratories in a new world of work that promises more control, more community and more freedom.  


More innovation

30 years ago, Benny Landa revolutionized the world of printing with indigo digital printing and electro ink. Now, he has done it again – with Landa Nanography. 

More efficiency, more digital printing, more multicolor

When a color expert talks to a packaging professional, common ground is quickly found: the future of the packaging industry is predictable. This is exciting, because it brings several topics to the fore at the same time – more efficiency, more digital printing, more multicolor printing.

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